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Gathering Writing Project

The Importance of Being Earnest Irish in Montana

The Gathering: Collected Oral Histories of the Irish in Montana is a multi-disciplinary undertaking seeking to assemble accounts of the experience of the Montana Irish. Our vision is to foster Irish culture by honoring and preserving the past as we build our future. With nearly 200 oral histories collected, the Gathering has created a treasure trove of history that will be enjoyed for generations to come. It is therefore with great excitement that we invite participants from around Montana and beyond to participate in this great endeavor. The Gathering Writing Project aims to create an anthology of tales, stories, yarns, anecdotes, reflections, poems, songs and traditional lore from and about the Irish Community, our people. In keeping with the spirit and vision of the project, this collection will be a monument to the past and a reference for the future. We want to draw on your knowledge, your history and your writing skills to augment and enlarge our archive. The Gathering Oral History invites you to contribute any stories, anecdotes, poems, songs, lore or reflections you may have about being Irish in Montana. A selection of the submissions will be chosen and included in the anthology, which will be made available in traditional book and in electronic format. Material may be either general or specific in nature as outlined below; submissions inclusive of both categories are also welcome.


    A little introduction explaining who you are; who are your people; where they came from and where they settled. In brief, a personal and family history and genealogy going back to Ireland.


    An account of an event, tradition or experience uniquely Irish that continues to remind of your heritage. This may include anecdotes relating to St. Patrick.s Day, Irish family visits or celebrations; Trips to Ireland; Family Traditions, beliefs, superstitions and religious practices. Are there any stories [they can even be true], songs, poems, sayings that continue to make you laugh, cry, reflect on Ireland and the Irish.


  1. Submissions are invited from all age groups
  2. There is no limit to the number of submissions an individual may make
  3. Submissions should be saved in a Word document and be no longer than 5,000 words
  4. Photographs of 300 dpi or greater are welcome
  5. The closing date for submission is December 31, 2014
  6. Submissions may be sent electronically to submissions@mtirishgathering.org, or by mail to Irish Studies, LA 125, The University of Montana, 32 Campus Drive, MT 59812. Please include your name, age, and contact information (phone, email, address).

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