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The Gathering Overview Film

Welcome to the video page for the Gathering. Our mission is to foster a lasting heritage by honoring our past as we build our future. We have recorded nearly 200 oral histories, many of which we have filmed. Below is a selection of those video recordings. There is the Gathering Overview Video which goes over the work from the first couple years of the Gathering, There are also several vignettes of interviews, which have taken a handful of interviews and pulled out some of the highlights. There is also the Dublin Gulch, Butte, Montana Video. This is a short video of this Irish neighborhood in Butte with several folks who grew up there and some historical information. In addition we have full interviews where you can listen and see the interviews in their entirety. Some of these are broken into multiple parts because of the size. We will be loading new videos all the time so please check back!

Tom Sullivan July 26 2014 For the Gathering: Collected Oral Histories of the Irish in Montana

Dublin Gulch, Butte, Montana

Eddie McCarthy Vignette

Julie Crowley Vignette

Maureen Edwards Vignette

Ann Loughlin Vignette

Fr. Gregory Burke Vignette

Bob Giltrap Interview - Part 1

Bob Giltrap Interview - Part 2

Bob Giltrap Interview - Part 3

Jim Foley Interview - Part 1

Jim Foley Interview - Part 2

Kay Eccleston Interview - Part 1

Kay Eccleston Interview - Part 2

Rita Casagranda Interview - Part 1

Rita Casagranda Interview - Part 2

John 'Harp' Cote Interview - Part 1

John 'Harp' Cote Interview - Part 2

Neil Duddy Interview - Part 1

Neil Duddy Interview - Part 2

Robert 'Bob' Bennie Interview - Part 1

Robert 'Bob' Bennie Interview - Part 2

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