Coronavirus: Life in a Pandemic

Videos reflecting the impact of COVID-19

What started as an outbreak in December 2019 has grown to a worldwide pandemic. COVID-19, a specific virus in the coronavirus family, has changed life as much of the world knew it. Businesses have closed, medical professionals are working around the clock, and hygiene has never been more important. Whether you're creating content about the impact or putting out a PSA, these videos will help show "the new normal" of life during this outbreak.

Zoom out shot of man on a video call with his work team during covid-19 lockdown.

Er Nurse Working On A Coronavirus Patient Focus On Monitor

Portrait of young student in medical mask sitting at bus on her way to university and looking through window on empty streets. Concept health and safety, coronavirus quarantine, virus protection

Haifa, Israel - January 2, 2021. People getting the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine

Close up shot of Please wear mask poster on glass wall in office; woman in mask and gloves working in background during coronavirus pandemic

Afro-American barber in protective mask brushing wet hair of male client with comb before giving haircut while working in salon during coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus Vaccination, grafting in polyclinic, aged doctor and young man patient in protective masks, injection against covid-19. Nurse working in hospital, using vaccine, prevention virus, covid

Female staff in mask working at grocery section of supermarket

African american business woman wearing mask searching laptop computer in workplace office. Portrait of focused employee consulting client online in covid protection at company. Remote work concept.

Young African American man in mask, gloves and apron packing meal containers and bottles with organic drinks in bag while working at eco food delivery service during coronavirus outbreak

Middle Age Asian Collage Student Walking Down Campus Steps

Young woman sits on a plane in a black medical respiratory mask and looks out the window. Health, travel concepts. Safety and new rules of conduct for air transport passengers.

Kid child girl holding digital tablet. Teenager learning at home. Child Writing Homework for School, Girl Studying at Home, Homeschooling, Online Education. Modern Devices.

Middle eastern man in wireless earphones sitting at desk in loft office and speaking with African American woman via video call on computer while having online business meeting or lesson

Nurse girl in the hospital and talking to the ward nurse

Low angle shot of two multiethnic businesswomen in masks walking in office center and having discussion while working during covid-19 outbreak

African American man is choosing a new mobile phone in a shop, checking how it works

Asian young woman wear protective mask, walking grocery store hall aisle, corona covid19 pandemic crisis, new normal lifestyle, grocery store aisle, anti-quarantine, food supply industry, SLOW MOTION

Cheerful young couple with smartphone in the cinema, coronavirus concept.

Portrait of young couple in medical masks looking on each other outdoor. Attractive man and woman wearing protective masks during quarantine of coronavirus outside. Health care concept.

Young mixed race woman wearing protective face mask standing on urban roadside social distancing new normal, dyed hair blonde asian, hope for corona vaccine, air pollution problem, illness prevention

Young Asian Muslim woman wear protective face mask walking on street side feeling happy positive, new normal on sunny day, Corona COVID19 pandemic lockdown, risk of infections, prevent from virus

Handheld slowmo shot of male hardware store employee in face mask helping female customer to choose supplies

Young woman in medical gown and coronavirus face mask rolling wheelchair with disabled old man in nursing home garden. Positive sympathetic Caucasian nurse taking care of senior ill retiree.

Portrait of young professional business consultant in coronavirus face mask sitting in outdoors cafe conferencing online talking and gesturing using tablet. Remote working and freelance concept.

Caucasian woman takes off her face mask to eat her vegan salad for lunch

African american female doctor making notes during video call using laptop with copy space

Afro american woman doctor in mask looking at baby's throat at home while sitting at the table at home next to mom. Family Doctor, Patient Support, Help at Home, Caring for the Sick.

Teacher giving tests to student in protective medical masks, groupmates passing sheets to each other at classroom

Close up shot of a milky white vaccines are pouring out of syringe, medical treatment serum or drug, modern biotechnology to save people life, coronavirus or mRNA vaccine, weaken or killed virus

Close up medic personnel washing hand on the sink using soap, prevent bacteria virus, Corona covid-19 , killing germs, hand disinfect, new normal, health care, model wear white ppe long sleeves suit

Female hands using automatic liquid gel sanitizer for disinfect purpose, prevent bacteria virus, Corona covid-19, hand gel disinfect, new normal, health care, medical facility machine in the clinic

Portrait of medical assistant with uniform and face mask in cabinet at healthcare facility. Young nurse sitting at desk working on laptop in office during coronavirus pandemic

Group of children feed fishes in the pond with supervisors in uniform. All wearing face mask due to corona virus second wave. Bali-June-2021

Best online courses for kids. Happy interested little redhead boy wearing eyeglasses video conferencing with teacher

Slowmo shot of young male hotel manager in face mask checking guest couple in after their arrived at lobby using digital tablet before escorting them to their room

A caucasian man laying down on a bed video chatting with beloved ones. Social isolation concept

Slowmo shot of young male porter in face mask taking guests baggage and putting it on cart in modern hotel lobby

At school, in the classroom, children write in notebooks in protective masks, observing a social distance. School education during the pandemic

Company manager with face mask typing on computer with green screen in new normal business office respecting social distance during global pandemic. Woman Looking at mockup, copy space, chroma display

Woman hands using antiseptic on street in public space. Close up of girl hands using alcohol sanitizer, protection from COVID19 outdoor. Health and safety, coronavirus, virus protection second wave

Asian young woman wear protective mask, walking grocery store hall aisle, corona covid19 pandemic crisis, new normal lifestyle, grocery store aisle, anti-quarantine, food supply industry, SLOW MOTION

A sign outside of a store in a city's business district informs customers and pedestrians to ask for a face mask if they are experiencing a cough, fever, or have breathing problems to help the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19.

Close up medical tube with blood tube test with positive results. Stop corona virus. MERS-Cov Novel coronavirus. Concept coronavirus quarantine. 2019-nCoV virus.

A slow dolly closeup view of a man cleaning his office computer's keyboard with a disinfectant wipe. Disease or flu prevention concept.

Coronavirus Mobile Testing Station Pov Shot

coronavirus mobile testing station closeup

A sign outside of a store in a city's business district informs customers and pedestrians to ask for a face mask to help the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19. Spanish version.

man using a large hand sanitizer

rack focus from virus to lab tech with Coronavirus virus

Coronavirus nCoV respiratory virus concept

closeup man disinfecting a countertop

Woman Working From Home Using Laptop On Dining Table

closeup womans hands cleaning a cell phone

A red and blue dynamic 3D Pandemic Concerns title page animation.

coronavirus testing lab with a patient

Person Putting Closed Sign On Window Door

Portrait of young African American businesswoman working from home smiling to camera

Close up of Smart Phone Ordering Food Delivery

Pizza Delivery Guy

scientist working in a lab on developing a coronavirus vaccine

Interior Hospital Room Setting

Defocused shot of passengers with luggage walking in the airport terminal

Man sitting on subway wearing a fabric face mask while commuting while other passengers use their mobile phones

Virus Cells under microscope

Doctor disinfect hands with gel